Back Seat Protector for Dogs


This back seat protector will protect your car back seat from dog hair, dirt, and toe nail scratches for years to come. The innovative material and design elements make this protector a market leading product. The protector features a non skid backing material, elastic straps with hooks, and adjustable headrest straps to keep it firmly in place. No sliding around for your dog with this back seat protector. The overall fit of this protector is spot on, and it has precisely fitted openings to allow for seat belt attachment, and child car seat use. The result is a cleaner car for you and a more comfortable space for your dog. Colors Tan and Grey

  • Innovative design uses non skid backing, four (4) elastic straps with hooks, and adjustable headrest straps to hold the protector firmly in place.
  • No sliding around for your dog when it jumps into the car or when you make a sharp turn.
  • Seat belt openings to allow for seat belt use or to attach your dog's harness and tether.
  • Quilted nylon material is durable and comfortable for your dog.
  • Machine washable and easy to clean.
  • One size fits over 75-80% of cars on the market.(really...we checked the fit exhaustively)
  • Dimensions  Seat back 54"  x 26",  Seat surface area  54"  x 19"
  • 3 Dog Pet supply guaranteed for quality and craftsmanship.
  • Available in Tan or Grey

Dennis Baacke

Great upgrade for our dog and me!

Bought this in December and after a few months I realize how much better this is than my old one which I thought was "OK" and from one of the big name catalogs. 1. Seat belt access is great so I don't have to take it out when the kids go back there with the dog. 2. The extensions sewn onto the back that fit between the seat back and bottom are genius! Really holds it place in my Toyota Tacoma extended cab.. 3. Bungees and rings on the front edge hold it in place when the dog jumps in and out. 4 Fabric really resists stains. If it is surviving my lab and my teenager it's got to be good. Not near as much hair trapped in the weave as my old one. 5. comfortable and soft feel....The dog has a better seat cover than me. Well done!!

Karen Day

Great product!!!!

The back seat protector fits beautifully in my Subaru. It's simple to install and stays in place. The seat belts are easy to access and use. My dog and I love it.